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Religious Education

Religious Education

Key Stage Three Religious Education

Lesson allocation: Two lessons per week.

  Term 1- Topics Term 2- Topics Term 3- Topics

Year 8

What is RE?

Our world

The Bible



Year 9


Rights, Relationships and Responsibilities

Choices Islam
Year 10 Ethics Teachings of Jesus


The Christian Church



Key Stage Three- Class debates, self and peer assessment, structured group work, circle time, assessment games, extended writing tasks and written examinations.

Key Stage Four Religious Education

Examination board:  CCEA

Examination assessment: Two examination papers- One paper in Year 11 and one paper in Year 12.

Examination weight:  Each paper is 50% of the overall GCSE grade.

Topics of study:  The Gospel of Mark in Year 11 and Christian Ethics in Year 12.

The Gospel of Mark- Details about the life of Jesus, the miracles and teachings of Jesus and his trial and execution.

Christian Ethics- Discussions on the topics of bioethics, euthanasia, abortion, war and capital punishment.


Career links

Studying RE will help support students in their opportunity to explore many different career paths.

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