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Why Study Music?

​Music education is essential in providing a rich, balanced curriculum. It has been proven that studying music contributes to cognitive development by creating stronger connections between brain regions, more grey matter, improved brain structure and function, better memory and attention along with higher IQ (Schellenberg, 2004). It is the Music Department's belief in Nendrum College that engaging every pupil in Music education will help them to reach their full academic potential. 


Course Overview: Key Stage 3

Year 8

Elements of Music

Instruments of the Orchestra

Music Theory and Keyboard Skills

Rhythm and Texture 

Year 9


Form and Structure

More Music Theory and Keyboard Skills

American Music Styles

Year 10


Pop Music

More Music Theory and Keyboard Skills 

Music as a Job

Course Overview: GCSE


1. Performing and Appraising:

35%External examination assessed by a visiting examiner.  Students present one solo and one ensemble performance.  The combined duration of the two performances should be no longer than 6 minutes.   

2. Composing: 30%

Students create two compositions.  One is free choice and one is in response to a pre-release stimulus. Teachers mark the tasks and CCEA moderate the results. 

3. Listening and Appraising: 35%

Students will study four different areas of music and then sit an external test of aural perception.  There is also an extended writing question to complete as part of this exam.  The four areas of study are: Western Classical Music (1600 - 1910), Film Music, Musical Traditions of Ireland and Popular Music. (1980 - present day).




Nendrum College currently offers the following music clubs:


Keyboard Club


Performance Skills Workshops

Music Theory Workshops


There are also visiting music tutors that come into the school to provide private tuition.  The EANI Music Service also offers lessons on a number of instruments and the peripatetic staff come into school to deliver these. More information can be found on their website:


Mr Mike Donaghy: Guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, piano, drum kit.

Mr Jack Morrow: Guitar (electric and acoustic).

Miss Hannah Murray (EANI) : Brass