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Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies

MVRUS focuses specifically on helping you to develop a positive and responsible attitude to road safety and other road users.





Unit 1: Motor Vehicle and Road User Theory

External written examination 1 hour 45 mins in May of Year 12.

Students answer questions on the following areas:

  • Vehicle Control and Road User Behaviour;
  • Legal Requirements;
  • Road Transport and Its Effects on Society;
  • Motoring Mathematics;
  • Collision Procedures;
  • Motor Vehicle Technology.



Unit 2: Investigative Study


  • Controlled assessment Students collect data on a moving traffic situation. They do this in groups, generally at the end of year 11. 
  • Students write the investigative study. They must do this individually, at the end of year 11 and into year 12.



Unit 3: Practical Riding Activity


Controlled assessment

Students carry out a moped riding activity to demonstrate skills of vehicle control and roadcraft. They carry this out throughout years 11 and 12.




Further information is available from Mr Jones.

Highway Code

Careers in the industry


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