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Home Economics and Child Development

Time allocation per week at KS3: 1hour 45mins

Theory and practical cookery lessons on alternative weeks.

Key Stage 3

Topics include:

Year 8: 

  • Hygiene
  •  Equipment
  •  Cookers
  • First aid
  •  Food storage

Year 9:

  •   Weighing and measuring
  •  Dietary goals
  •  Importance of breakfast
  • Healthy lunch boxes 
  • Traditional foods

Year 10:

  • The eatwell guide and 8 Tips for eating well
  • Nutrients
  • Diet related disorders
  • Connected learning with Maths, French and P.E
  • Roles and responsibilities in the family including RRSA Article 5

Continuous assessment through common assessment tasks, self/peer assessment, winter and summer examinations.

Benefits of Studying HE?

At Key Stage 3 you will explore the Tasty Careers Interactive Map to:

  • develop knowledge about the different career options available to you;
  • discover what your skills and personal capabilities are;
  • recognise the importance of choosing a fulfilling career;
  • recognise the importance of enjoying work; and
  • be able to make informed career choices based on your knowledge about the world of work in the Food and Drinks Industry.

Occupational Studies - Food

The world-of-work is constantly changing. This qualification will give you the practical experience of sampling work related activities in different areas within the Hospitality and Catering Industry.
Through the study of this occupational studies strand you will:

  • actively learn and employ skills for working life through an enjoyable ‘hands-on’ approach; 
  • gain knowledge through practical, work related activities; 
  • develop the transferable skills necessary in a changing and dynamic working  environment; and
  • be able to progress to other courses, particularly vocationally related courses, and to training and employment.

What will I study and how will I be assessed?

Unit 1
Section 1
‘Health and Safety’
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Unit 2
Section 1
‘Health and Safety’
Section 2
‘Breads & Scones’
Section 3
‘Cakes & Biscuits’
Section 4
‘Pastry Products’


NO written exams, all evidence based portfolio work completed in class time.
20% knowledge tests + 60% practical assessments + 20% evaluative work 

1 unit x 2


Careers Map

Tasty Careers (@TastyCareers) / Twitter