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English at Nendrum College

Key Stage 3 English

Pupils participate in a range of individual, paired and group activities to support their learning in the three areas of English and Communication:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Talking and Listening

Pupils study fiction and non-fiction, written and audio-visual texts to prepare them for study at GCSE and also for the world of work



Pupils are assessed throughout KS3 in Reading, Writing and Talking and Listening using the Levels of Progression set out in the Revised NI Curriculum.

In Year 10 a level will be awarded based on the outcome of this on-going assessment.

Key Stage 4

English Language GCSE

Unit 1 Exam – 30%
5 tasks, 1 hour 45 minutes

Unit 2 Speaking and Listening - 20%

Teacher assessed, externally moderated


Unit 3 Controlled Study of Spoken and Written Language– 20%

2 tasks, 2 hours

Unit 4 Exam – 30%

4 tasks, 1 hour 45 minutes

Essential Skills

Offered to selected pupils in Year 12. Pupils are entered for Level 1 and/or Level 2 Communication.

Course Content
Assessment Component 1 Learner's Speaking and Listening Portfolio
Assessment Component 2 External Exam


English Literature GCSE

English Literature GCSE is an optional subject offered to pupils who are moving into Year 11.

It is an excellent subject to choose for pupils who are confident in English and who would like to move on to do A-Levels in subjects such as English Literature, History or Government and Politics. Working towards a GCSE in English Literature will also support attainment in GCSE English Language (compulsory).

Course Outline

Unit 1 Exam – 30%

The Study of  Prose
1 hour 45 minutes

Section A: Novel - one question

Section B: Unseen prose - one question

Unit 2 Exam - 50%

The Study of Drama and Poetry

2 hours

Section A: Drama - one question

Section B: Poetry - one question

Unit 3 Controlled Assessment - 20%

The Study of Shakespeare

2 hours

One task