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After School Clubs

A strong feature of our College is the wide range of extra-curricular activities available to all pupils, as we believe this is important to develop social skills and self-esteem.  We are proud of all our pupils’ achievements, whether in the classroom, on the sports field or on the stage.  We promote and encourage involvement in extra-curricular activities for all pupils and reward regular participation each month with additional merit points.

In addition to these activities, fieldwork and out-of-school learning opportunities are organised for students, alongside a wide range of optional visits each year within Northern Ireland and further afield. This includes the ski trip, football trip to a Premier League match and local places of interest, London theatre trip, and others.


 On a set day children of all abilities play badminton

BBC Young Reporter

 BBC Young Reporter is the BBC’s journalism and media project supporting young people to develop content creation skills, find out about careers in broadcasting and share their own stories.

The club is open to Year 11 and 12 pupils. We meet on Thursdays over lunch to discuss ideas and create news stories.

More information about competitions and activities can be found at this website:



 Choir is on Thursdays from 3:05 until 4:00pm.

Students from all year groups are welcome and we sing everything from popular music to carols.

Rehearsals are always fun with laughs and jokes, and we singing new songs as well as old classics!

We perform several times a year at Prize Day, the Winter Fair, the Carol Service, Open Night and more!


Coding Club

 Everyone is welcome to come and explore the world of computing each Tuesday afternoon from 3 - 4pm in F31

Computer Club

Computer rooms are open after school to allow all pupils to complete research or homework.


 Tuesday -  3:05-4:05pm F31 with Mrs Black

 Wednesday -3:05-4:05pm F33 with Mrs Nelson

 Thursday - 3:05-4:05pm F31 with Mr McKee

 Students are only permitted in computer rooms when a teacher is present.


Cross Country/ Athletics

 In preparation for the cross country season in January and February an after school club will assist in the training of pupils. This will also occur in the summer season with the track season. Pupils of all year groups will have the opportunity to participate in the North Down Schools' and the County Down Schools' Championships in cross country and athletics. For those pupils that achieve success in the District Championships they may have the opportunity to participate in the Ulster and Irish Championships.


Dance & Fitness

Dance club runs from September through to March.  All years and abilities are welcome and this is a fun way to keep fit.  Opportunities are given to pupils to perform in school shows and on open nights. 

Monday 3.05-4pm in the Drama Studio

Fitness - Wednesday 3.05 - 4pm

Body Pump, Circuits, Fitness Suite, Step Aerobics all covered.... 


 Drama Club

Every Wednesday from 3.15 - 4.oo pm.  All pupils are welcome.

In the drama club pupils are given the opportunity to work with others, to develop their confidence and to learn various dramatic techniques as well as taking part in drama games.
They are given the opportunity to take part in our school plays as well as the opportunity to work on performances throughout the school.

For further information please speak to Mrs Blake.


Fitness Suite and Circuits

The fitness suite is open on a designated day.  All pupils are welcome to attend. It is equipped with:-

*Four treadmills
*Three cross trainers
*Three stationary bikes
*Three rowing machines
*Seven specific body exercise machines- i.e- leg press
*Rack of 10 dumbells.

Pupil progress on a variety of machines is charted and monitored throughout their time at Nendrum College. Pupil empowerment through knowledge of safe and understanding practice is at the heart of the Fitness Suite philosophy.


Boys' Football

 After school football practise will run on specified separate days after school for years 8-10 and for years 11 and 12. All abilities are very welcome to attend. There is a team for every year group that will participate in the North Down league and the Northern Ireland Schools' Cup.


Girls' Football

 Girls' football club runs from September through to Easter with the team competing in various indoor and outdoor competitions throughout the year.  All year groups and abilities are welcome

Futsal Monday 12.55 -1.20. Football Thursday 3.05 - 4pm



 The College participates annually in the Darren Clarke Golf League that gives pupils of suitable standard the opportunity to play a selection of local courses. After school practise sessions will be organised on a specified day to promote playing proficiency and confidence.



Friday  12.55-1.20


Homework Club

 Homework Support club is open to anyone who needs a little help, requires the use of a computer or simply needs a quiet space to complete their work.

Library Lunch Club

 For all KS3 pupils during Junior Lunch.

 This provides a quiet environment for pupils to relax and read, use the computer or complete homework.


 Netball club runs from September through to February half-term with a team being represented in each year group.  All year groups and abilities are welcome with the teams competing in the local TAGSA league with other schools in the North Down area.



 After school rugby is scheduled for junior school pupil on a specified day in preparation for a series of tournaments.


Scripture Union

 Junior SU meets every Tuesday during Junior lunch in G43.

 SU provides a great opportunity for you to make new friends and learn about what it means to be a Christian and live out your faith both inside and outside school. You do not have to be a Christian to attend, all pupils in Years 8 - 10 are very welcome.


Table Tennis

Table tennis is played after school on a specified day. All abilities are welcome to foster their skills at this exhilarating game



Trampolining club meets on a specified day after school.  Pupils are welcome to come along and develop their skills and confidence.