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Year 12

Welcome to Year 12!


Head of Year 12: Mrs J Butler
Head of Senior School: Miss S Walsh
Form Teacher: 12K: Miss S Keays
  12M: Mrs C Munn
  12B: Mr J Bowman
  12R: Miss K Miller

If you have a concern, the first person to contact should be your child's Form Teacher.

How to use Google Drive at Home

How to download Microsoft Office at Home

Mock Exam Timetable (Monday 14th - Friday 18th January)

Careers Information

SERC Applications (2021)

The application process is now LIVE! It is important to apply for courses of interest for further study.  See email from Miss Walsh an check your Form Class GC for further details.


Information on your Careers Service

About the Careers Service: 

Link to hub: lists all our access channels including webchat, ask us a question, phone us, and our local office locations.


Link to parents guide:

Link to young persons guide:


Please note that under the new arrangements for Training for Success 2017, any young person who wants to do Skills for you Life, Skills for Work Level 1 or Skills for Work Level 2 will need a Training Credit, which is issued from the Careers Service.  Training Credits can only be issued after 3 July 2017.


FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN TRAINING (such as construction trades, plumbing, electrical, hair, beauty, etc - work related training), not Further Education courses; you will need BOTH the training credit AND your result slip to get on to your chosen course.

Contact Careers Office on 0300 200 7820 for a Training Credit. 



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