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Understanding Business Enterprise with Languages and Tourism (UBELT)


In the 21st century businesses have to compete more and more in a global marketplace. Understanding Business Enterprise with Languages and Tourism will help learners to develop important skills they will need to work in this context.

This qualification is available at Level 2.


Learners study units from each of these four areas:

  • Understanding Business Enterprise;

  • Intercultural Working;

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Languages: French or German


    Understanding Business Enterprise

    Understanding Business Enterprise units introduce learners to the most important aspects of starting and running an enterprise. They have opportunities to understand and assess the skills and risks involved in planning and running a business, including marketing and managing money.


    At Level 2, learners must take five Understanding Business Enterprise units.

    Learners will complete units in:


  • Understand Business Resource and Legal Issues

  • Understand How to Market a Business

  • Understand Business Planning

  • Understand How to Manage Money in a Business


    and one of the following:

  • Understand Enterprise and Enterprising Skills

  • Understand the Opportunities and Risks in Running a Business


    Intercultural Working

    This unit helps learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of differences and similarities across cultures. They build skills and understanding that they will need to engage effectively with a diverse range of people. This includes a focus on practical ways of working with others, which develops both personal and employability skills.


    At Level 2, learners will complete one of the following units:


    - Building Working Relationships with Others from Different Countries

    - Diverse Cultures.

    Travel and Tourism

    Through the Travel and Tourism units, learners can gain an understanding of skills and qualities needed to work in the travel and tourism sector.


    These units enable learners to review and develop their own skills and abilities. They also have an opportunity to carry out a practical, work-related project based on tourism. This provides a useful context for developing service and employability skills.

    Learners will complete two of the following units:


    - Developing Employability Skills for Travel and Tourism

    - Developing Customer Service Skills in Travel and Tourism

    - Holiday Planning.


    Language (French/German/Spanish)

    The units introduce a rich variety of vocabulary and common grammatical structures, focusing on everyday language. These will give learners the opportunity to develop basic communication skills in speaking and writing.


    Learners will be able to use and improve these skills in a range of practical situations and apply them in the broader context of tourism and enterprise.


    Learners must complete two language units.


  • Speak Using Everyday Language

  • Write Everyday Text


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