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Technology & Design

Subject Teachers


Mr D. Jones
Miss Z. Burton



Technology and Design develops pupils as individuals and contributors to society by:

  • promoting creativity and problem solving skills in response to design challenges
  • helping individuals appreciate their own and other’s achievements through research
  • investigating the design and manufacture of products

  • enabling pupils to develop skills relating specifically to design, manufacture and testing

    within an engineering environment

  • investigation and evaluation of products
  • promoting safe working practice.


Extra-Curricular Activities


The Technology and Design department is often involved in community projects including the Comber Community Regeneration Partnership and Stepping Stones. As well, the department regularly takes part in competitions, in 2018 Nendrum College won the Bloodhood Rocket Car challenge at W5.

School Trips


The Technology and Design department annually organise school trips across KS3 and KS4 including NIE Career talks and Whale Pumps CEIAG trips.



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