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Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council
Speeches and Campaigns

Past Student Council Nominees 

Year 8 Student Council Nominees


Mrs Black

Nicole Dunlop

Lucas Lara





Miss Murphy

Zoey Moore

Alexis Feeley





Mr Jones

Micah Beaumont

Megan Miller





Mrs Irvine

Carys Quinn

Jodie Spratt

Darcy Harper




 Year 9 Student Council Nominees


Mr McKeag

Chloe Evans

Rebekah McCartney

Sophie Boal

Harriet Harper



Mr McKee

Zoe Moore

Sophie Murphy





Miss Lavery

Skye Shaw

Jacob Wylie





Mrs Watts

Charlie Adair

Louise Wilson





Year 10 Student Council Nominees


Mr Cowden

Andrew Corken






Mrs Jones

Zach Stevenson

Emma McKeown

Jake Matthews

Calum Scott



Miss Rooney

Reece Kenny

Jack Murphy





Year 11 Student Council Nominees


Miss Burton

Daniel Parker

Demi Morrow





Mrs Cloughan

Sam Simons

Shannon Savage



Mrs Nelson

Mitchell Andrews

Aimee McIlveen

Charlie Field

Lewis Hamilton

Jacob Jardine

Evie Moore




Student Council



At Nendrum College, we believe that a successful Student Council is integral to nurturing responsible, collaborative and pro active young people. Our Student Council aims to bring community and strength within the school by complimenting whole school action plans to broaden student’s horizons, build confidence, independence and encourage excellence.


Pupil's voice


We are very interested in the views and opinions of our pupils. The Student Council gives pupils the opportunity to have a voice in school matters, which directly affect them.


The future


The Student Council has been flourishing over the past few months and we are looking forward to becoming even more involved in the process of the college in the new academic year.


How does it work?


The Student Council is a group of elected pupils from Years 8-11 who meet every month to discuss important aspects of school life. The Student Council members are voted in every 2 academic years.


Each form class nominates two pupils to represent them, this makes up the Year Council. From the Year Council each year group votes again for 2-3 members to represent their year group, who make up the Student Council.


Meet the Council

Student Council Aims 


1. To gather the pupil’s views on various aspects of school life by liaising with

    year group representatives during form class.


2. To represent the pupil’s views at monthly meets so that the Student Council

    can feed  back to Mrs. Taggart, Mr. Allister and the Senior Leadership Team.


3. To identify areas of the college which would benefit from improvement.


4. To liaise with the Student body, issues, which are a cause for, concern.


5. Encourage and implement the Northern Ireland Curriculum objectives.


6. To represent the Student body in meetings.

Student Council Meetings


During Student Council meets a number of points about the college development are raised. These points vary from small suggestions like introducing new extra curricular activities to the provision of the food at school.


The Student Council has also played an active role with the Rights Respecting School by raising awareness of recycling, litter and adding new bins inside and outside of the school building. They also chose the winners our recent litter competition.

Meeting Minutes

Our Election Experience

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