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Shared Education

The future is ours, the future is bright, and we are going to do it together.


We are pleased to introduce our Shared Education Programme. At Nendrum College we feel that all our pupils should have every opportunity to develop to their full potential, in and outside the classroom. One way we aim to fulfil this is through ‘Shared Education’. Shared lessons are temporarily on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, we look forward to brighter days when we can share a classroom again! Below are some photos from previous years. 


Year 9 pupils from Nendrum College and St. Mary's High School have been working together since October 2015 to learn about diversity, identity and reconciliation through the curriculum areas of English, Religious Education, History, Learning for Life and Work and Drama.



Year 9 Shared Lessons - November 2019

Creating a shared experience - Year 9 pupils from Nendrum College and St. Mary's High School began their first three shared lessons in Drama, English and Religious Education. Thank you to all of the teachers involved and to the pupils for their excellent participation. Well done!


Year 9 Ice Breaker Day - September 2019

2019-2020 Shared Education kick-starts with two Icebreaker days at Mobile Team Adventure in Belfast. Half of Year 9 will take part with a class from St Mary's on Thursday 26th September, and the other half of the year will have their activity day on Friday 27th September with a second class from St Mary's.



Highlights of Shared Education 2016-17

Queens University, Belfast Visit to Nendrum College

On Thursday 22nd June, Year 9 and 10 pupils from St. Mary’s High School and Nendrum College displayed Shared Education work completed through the year to a number of guests from the local community. Guests included Rev. Gilpin (Nendrum College Board of Governors), Eamon Bogues from the Education Authority (South Eastern Region), Danielle Blaylock and Rebecca Loader from Queens University, Centre for Shared Education.

Other guests included Ana Tomovska from Republic of Macedonia and Edona Maloku Bërdyna from Kosovo, researchers studying reconciliation in post-conflict societies. Pupils answered questions enthusiastically, displaying their excellent knowledge of what they had learned through Shared Education lessons throughout the year.


Celebrating Success- Arts Centre June 2017

Celebrating Success- Long Gallery, Stormont 2016

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