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Science at Nendrum College

Time allocation per week at KS3 : 2hours 20mins

The aim of the Science Department is to introduce pupils to a broad, balanced range of subject matter and learning experiences in the physical and biological sciences.

As an integral STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) we recognise the importance of Science in the wider community.  In our changing society we are keen for our pupils to develop the necessary and appropriate skills which will enhance their future employability in the work place.

Key Stage 3

Topics include -

Year 8:          Beginning to be a Scientist.
                      Learning to Measure.
                      Earth and Space.
                      Acids, Alkalis and Indicators.
                      Living Things.

Year 9:          Electricity and Magnetism.
                      Atoms, Elements, Compounds and Molecules.
                      The Human Body.

Year 10:        Light and Colour.
                      Heat Transfer and Sound.
                      Metals and Reactivity.
                      Reproduction in Animals and Plants.

Key Stage 4
Time allocation:-   2 hours 55 minutes per week - Single Award/OCN Science
                              5 hours 50 minutes per week - Additional Award Science.

Currently some pupils will be entered for Single Award Science and then some pupils will opt to study for an additional qualification, known as Additional Science.  Pupils may enter Foundation or Higher Tier papers as appropriate.
GCSE Single Award Science examining board: CCEA

Single Science topics covered include -

Acids and Bases
The World Around Us 
Elements and Compounds
Oils, Polymers and Materials
Hard Water
Recycling and Exploitation of the Earth's Resources
Using Materials to Fight Crime

Food and Diet
Chromosomes and Genes
The Nervous System and Hormone
Variation and Adaptation
Disease and Body Defences
Human Activity on Earth

Electrical Circuits
Household Electricity
Fossil Fuels, Road Transport and Safety
Earth in Space
GCSE Additional Science examining board: AQA
Additional Science topics covered include:
Structure and bonding
How structure influences the properties and uses of substances
Atomic structure, analysis and quantitative chemistry
Rates of reaction
Exothermic and endothermic reactions
Acids, bases and salts

Cells and simple cell transport
Tissues, organs and organ systems
Organisms and their environment
Proteins – their functions and uses
Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
Cell division and inheritance

Work, energy and momentum
Current electricity
Mains electricity
Energy from the nucleus
BTEC Level 2 Applied Science examining board: Edexcel
The BTEC Level 2 course is better suited for those pupils that want to continue with Science at GCSE level but a more weighted coursework course is more appropriate.  The BTEC Level 2 course has now introduced an external assessment component so it is now currently weighted as 75% internally assessed assignment portfolio work and 25% externally assessed examination.
The topics covered are:
Biology assignments = 25%
Chemistry assignments = 25%
Physics assignments = 25%
Externally assessed examination = 25%
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