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Religious Studies

Religious Education

 Religious Education at Nendrum College

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."  Walt Disney

Time allocation per week at KS3: 1hour 10mins
Key stage 3

Topics include:

Year 8:
What is RE?
                Ourselves and our world
                In the Bible
                Moral decisions


Year 9:   
Our Environment
              Growing up

Year 10:      
My life, my choices
              The Christian Church
              Decisions in life
Assessment at KS3: Peer / self assessment, structured group work, class debates, role play, extended writing tasks and written examinations.

Key Stage 4
GCSE examining board:CCEA-50% Year 11 and 50% Year 12-100% examination based.
Year 11- The Gospel of Mark-Details on the life of Jesus, his miracles, use of parables and his trial and crucifixion.

Year 12- Christian Ethics- Discussions on euthanasia, abortion, the death penalty and war.

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