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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice


Student Council

The Student Council enables elected year group representatives to have a voice within the organisation of the College. They meet regularly to discuss issues and potential improvements to college life and over the last few years have suggested changes that have been for the benefit of all our pupils.

Charity Committee

The pupils and staff of Nendrum College maintain a proud tradition of generously supporting various charities, both locally and nationally. The pupil-led charity committee is run by students on a voluntary basis. Pupils participate in surveys to establish the overall viewpoint regarding activities and charities the College will support in that year. Many activities take place throughout the year which pupils research, action plan and carry out at whole school level.

Honours Ties

Senior pupils are elected as Honours’ Ties students who are encouraged to assume roles of responsibility and represent the entire student body not only with reference to pupil voice in school but also with regard to community events.

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