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Occupational Studies - Construction

UNIT 16 Bench Joinery - Step Stool

Occupational Studies - Construction


The Technology and Design department offers two CCEA Occupational Studies Units that provide an increased practical vocational approach to learning.


  • Unit 16 Bench Joinery Step Stool – completed in Year 11

  • Unit 18 Carpentry & Joinery Bird House – completed in Year 12


To achieve a full qualification, you must complete both units. The final grade is based on the combined scores of both units.


The two units include:

  • Consideration of health and safety issues with respect to workshop activities.

  • Consideration of career opportunities related to working with wood in the construction industry

  • An appreciation of environmental issues relating to timber.

  • The appropriate use of hand tools, and basic hand held power tools

  • Techniques of cutting, jointing, boring, and planing to produce construction related components.

  • Construction of projects made out of wood.

  • Evaluating your own performance at the end of each task and at the end of each project.




  • AO1 THEORY (20%)

Recall knowledge and understanding of the specified context. A Theory Portfolio to include weekly diary entries is how this is section is assessed.


  • AO2 PRACTICAL (60%)

Apply knowledge, understanding and skills in occupational contexts through undertaking practical tasks.

-Unit 16 Bench Joinery in Year 11 – Step Stool Project

-Unit 18 Carpentry & Joinery in Year 12 – Bird Feeding House

Observation of workshop activities and marking of the accuracy of work completed is how this section is assessed.


  • AO3 EVALUATION (20%)

Analyse and evaluate each stage of your work and make judgments about your performance, indicating where improvements could be made.

Unit 18 Carpentry and Joinery - Bird House

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