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Welcome to our Online Learning Zone

This is where we will post useful documents and links to support online learning.


All subjects and pastoral groups use Google Classroom as their online learning platform. Google Classroom can be accessed via a mobile app, tablets, laptops and computers and also via consoles such as Play Station and XBox.


Google Classroom codes will be given to pupils in September.  It is important that these codes are only used by pupils in the classes and not shared with others. Pupils must only use their school account to access Google Classroom. If private accounts are used, these will be removed from the classroom. One parent / guardian per pupil can be added to Google Classroom in order to receive a progress report generated by Google Classroom. Contact the College if you have any issues with accessing Google Classrooms.


Extended period of home learning

In case of extended periods of home learning, subjects will host recorded and live lessons. Timetables to support work completion will be provided for all year groups, and teachers will inform their classes as to when live lessons will happen. We appreciate that it may be challenging to stick to a rigid timetable, but the timetable should be used as a guide to support your child in organising their time. 


Form Teachers, Year Heads and Heads of School will host weekly pastoral sessions in the morning and we would encourage pupils to start their home-learning day by logging in to these sessions. 


Please do not hesitate to contact the College if you need assistance with any aspect of home learning.

Virtual Parent Consultation Guide

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