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Soroptimist International Public Speaking

Nendrum College was pleased to once again compete at the local heats of the Soroptimist International Public Speaking Competition in Bangor Golf Club on Wednesday 24th November. 

Our fearless trio of talented talkers took to the lectern to speak on topics such as ‘how do we tackle the plastic problem?’ and ‘what is normal is decided by the society in which we live.’ 

Abi, Abbie and Kayleigh spoke with passion, confidence and authority about challenging topics, showing excellent knowledge and research, and never shying away from the harsh truths exposed in their speeches. 

All the girls agreed that it was an incredibly worthwhile experience to compete in such a challenging competition, and all enjoyed the wide range of speeches presented by the other competitors. The different styles and approaches to topics were interesting and engaging, and will act as inspiration for future forays into the world of speech writing.


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