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PTA Fundraising

Despite the challenges and restrictions faced by the pandemic on the PTA's usual events, fundraising efforts are continuing so that money can be donated to the College to benefit the pupils. 


The PTA are pleased to announce that they have secured a place in the Asda Green Token scheme via the Newtownards store. We would love it if you could support the College PTA through this scheme. Online voting can also take place via the Newtownards Green Token page for those who do not visit the Newtownards store.


Thanks to parental support with their purchases of Sickins name labels, the College PTA was please to receive a recent donation from Stickins. 


In addition, the PTA continues to be registered on Easyfundraising. This website has links to thousands of well-known retailers, and when you purchase an online item via Easyfundraising, a donation is made to the College PTA at no cost to you. For more information, visit the College PTA page on Easyfundraising.


The College would like to thank the PTA for their continued support, and all those in the community who have supported fundraising efforts. 


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