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PHA Contact Tracing in Schools

The PHA have now taken over contact tracing in schools. 


They have created a FAQ page to answer any questions you may have. It can be found here: 


School Close Contact (from PHA)

Within a school setting, your child would only be identified as a contact if they have had prolonged close contact with the case (someone who tests positive for COVID-19). This could mean a child in the same household or someone who has stayed overnight. It will also include intimate contact for example, kissing, and where a child has received help with personal care in a school.

It does not include all children in the same class or all those who sit next to each other, because the risk of COVID spreading in the school setting is much lower than in a household.


The College will continue to inform you of positive cases in the school community when we are made aware of them. 


We thank you for your continued cooperation and support in facing the challenges posed by Covid.


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