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NENDRUM GIRLS BATTLE ON THE PITCH - Reported by Caprice and Paige Miskimmon

Nendrum vs Thornhill
With Thornhill arriving twenty minutes late it would have been easy for the team to lose focus on the task ahead but the whole team continued to stay psyched up for the match.
It was a slow start from both teams in the first fifteen minutes of the game with both teams not playing at their full potential. However Nendrum began to pick the pace up and started playing some brilliant football with Lauren Robson running up the left hand side of the pitch and crossing the ball into dangerous areas creating multiple chances to open the scoring. Approaching the twenty minute mark Abbie Magee headed the ball into Shannon McCullough and she safely tucked it away into the bottom corner – 1-0 Nendrum!
Thornhill went back to the kick off and we kept applying pressure right up until half time.
With Thornhill kicking off the second half and the wind going against us we knew we would have to put in 100% effort to win the game. We started the second half brightly with some excellent passing from our midfielders; again creating multiple chances to widen our lead. A few minutes later Caprice Miskimmin made a crucial tackle in the penalty box to prevent Thornhill from scoring which gave Thornhill a corner. Our defenders marked up well for the corner however the wind carried the ball into the net from the corner making it incredibly difficult for Paige Miskimmin to save the ball. The score was now 1 -1.
Nendrum kicked off again with everyone playing at their full potential with Lauren Robson continuing to make those runs down the left wing and crossing it into dangerous areas. With Kelsie Burrows hitting the post and Abbie Magee hitting the crossbar we knew our goal was coming.
Kimberly passed the ball through to Abbie Magee who hit a powerful shot into the net – 2-1 Nendrum.  Thornhill began to come back at us, also playing some excellent football and on the 45th minute mark Thornhills opportunity came which they took well inside the penalty box. The score was now 2-2. Both teams battled it out until the end of the game and this only means it went to extra time.
Extra time began and with both teams giving it all they had left and applying a lot of pressure to each other no one could seem to make that crucial break through. No goals were scored in extra time meaning both teams had to go to penalties.
Thornhill stepped up to take their first penalty; hitting it into the bottom left hand corner of the net even with Paige Miskimmins greatest attempt to save it – Thornhill scored a good penalty.
Then Caprice Miskimmin stood up to take Nendrum's first penalty hitting a powerful shot into the bottom left hand corner of the net, making it impossible for the Thornhill goalkeeper to save it. 1-1 on penalties.
The Thornhill player stepped up to take their second penalty, hitting it to the right hand side of the net however Paige Miskimmin made a diving save and kept the ball out of the net. Lauren Robson stood up to take Nendrum’s second penalty, hitting a powerful shot into the roof of the net. 2-1 to Nendrum.
Thornhill took their third penalty and scored a good goal. Abbie Magee took Nendrum’s third penalty, taking a calm shot she also scored. 3-2. Thornhill took their fourth penalty and scored, Nendrum then missed their fourth penalty. 3-3. Thornhill hit their final penalty and scored meaning Nendrum had to score our final penalty, however we didn’t and lost on penalties
Thornhill progresses through to the semis. Unlucky to Nendrum.
Well done to Lauren Robson  who received player of the match!
Mrs. Stalker was extremely proud of the team and devastated for us to lose on penalties.

“An excellent game played by a fabulous team, you should be proud of yourselves, your talent, teamwork and your great sportsmanship.”
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