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Nendrum College Horse Riding Club

The Horse Riding Club is a new addition to the extracurricular activities offered to the pupils this year. In partnership with ‘Lessans Riding School’ Saintfield, pupils avail of a one hour lesson from qualified instructors, from tacking a horse to trotting on the correct leg. The club is open to all abilities and all year groups.
“I love the Horse Riding Club, I never even touched a horse before I joined and now I am learning how to trot!”

“I was really nervous on the first day, but now I can’t wait to learn how to canter.”

“I love my horse ‘Smurf’, I look forward to riding him each week”

“I always wanted to learn how to ride a horse and now I can!”

“Before I joined the Horse Riding Club in Nendrum College I was afraid of horses, I didn’t even want to touch a horse. Now I am confident putting on and taking off a saddle and bridle, each week I become more confident in trying out new things, I am even learning how to trot now, something I thought I would never do.”
Each week the pupils learn new skills enabling them to become safe, confident and controlled riders.  Members of the club will also gain the skills and understanding to sit British Horse Society exams at the end of each year.

It has been a joy to see the pupils confidence grow from week to week, both in and outside the classroom.
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