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Nendrum Choir shine at The Waterfront Hall!

Since September this year, Nendrum choir has grown from strength to strength. A whopping forty six members now proudly rehearse and perform continuously with each and every member trying their best to learn new songs and rhythms.
In late September, Mr Gordon announced that Nendrum may have the chance to perform on ‘The Waterfront Hall’ Stage in what is known as one of Northern Ireland's biggest musical productions, ‘The Music Box’.
Lunchtimes, break times and even Saturday mornings then became important rehearsal times when the girls learnt new songs, rehearsed their harmonies and showed commitment and discipline to their choir. At the end of October Ashley Fulton, Musical Director and Fleur Mellor , Choreographer of ‘The Music Box’ arrived to see if the Nendrum  Choir had what it takes to stand on stage in ‘The Waterfront’  in front of an audience of up to two thousand people.
The work of both the girls paid off; the girls were named as school choir in ‘The Music Box 2015’. They would be performing alongside Peter Corry, a top West End Performer and Andrea Beagley, winner of The Voice 2013.
After hours upon hours of practice and rehearsals, the day finally arrived and the forty six girls from Nendrum College Choir boarded a bus, every one of them full of excitement and nerves.  The girls were on their way to perform in one of Northern Irelands biggest concert venues, a venue normally hosting bands such as Boyzone or The Script. 
Mrs Taggart, Mr Allister , Miss Graham and Mrs Stalker accompanied the girls and without a doubt the Nendrum pupils brought a tear to the eyes of all the staff. Their talent and hard work shone so brightly on the stage.  The girls’ smiles as they sang each number told the audience how much they enjoyed every minute of their one in a lifetime experience and the standing ovation gave them the reward they deserved.
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