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Maths can be fun!

On Thursday, 131 Primary 7/Year 8 pupils from Comber Primary School, Andrew's Memorial Primary School and Nendrum College came together to engage in applying their Mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills to a diverse range of problems and challenges. In all the activities, pupils worked in mixed groups to further develop their skills of communication and working with others.


Mr Cowden (Head of Maths at Nendrum) and Miss Calvert (Numeracy Coordinator at Comber Primary School) led the various tasks and IZAK9 activities. Staff from across the schools commented on the exciting buzz and enthusiasm of pupils talking about Maths. Mr Cowden also reminded students that it is important they retain all their Maths knowledge and problem solving skills into their post-primary school, where they will build upon their learning in primary school and discover and develop their understanding further.


Thank you to all the pupils and staff who participated and a special mention to our six winners who gained the most points by solving many challenges! Enjoy your chocolate!

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