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Leah's big chop!

Tomorrow, Nendrum pupil Leah faces the chop when she donates at least 14 inches of hair to the Little Princess Trust!


Leah is also using this as an opportunity to raise funds for another charity, Air Ambulance NI. So far she has raised an astonishing £1,100, but has set her sights high and wants to raise even more for such a worthwhile cause!


Leah has a fundraising page, Leah's Lovely Locks, for anyone who would like to support her in her fundraising efforts:   


If you wish to support Leah through her fundraising page, please note the following:

- you can donate anonymously, keeping name and amount private

- you are welcome to share the page to others who may be interested in supporting this invaluable charity.


Well done to Leah for her kindness and thoughtfulness! Good luck with the big chop!




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