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Hello from the US of A

Day One
Hello Nendrum from New Haven USA
Monday 7:00 am and I can't sleep. Jet lag.
Yesterday - 15 hours travelling and Mr Rogan hasn't shouted at anyone yet. In fact he even helped a random stranger. Strangely he hasn't shouted at me yet either even though I haven't shut up for fifteen hours. The place we are staying in is over 140 years old which in American terms is very old. Mr Rogan said I was to tell you it was founded in 1871 and for you to calculate mentally how old it exactly is. As the Americans say "do the math" . It's dead early in the morning and we have to head to school but I thought I'd just say hello.
So we did our first day at school and it was the maddest ever. School stars at eight and ends at half two! No break just a lunch. But you do get a 5 min break between classes which is quite cool. You only have five subjects - English, Drama, Science, History and Math. Yep a bit of PE and stuff but not much - oh and only four lessons a day but each one is 75 minutes long and each teacher has 75 mins free a day..... to do preparation - no cover lessons. Mmmm.
What else - It's a high school so it's only 14 -18 year olds and wait for this if you don't master a subject you can't leave school! So there are lots of tests to see if you can master a subject or part of a subject. If you can't master it you are Not Ready and back you go and complete it again. Also the school was brilliantly multicultural - Asian, African American, Greek American, Jewish American - it was like the whole world in one school. Very cool. Very cool indeed. 
Two more things - I've added in the work of Hanaisha - this was a History assignment for a Year 11 student who was studying the arrival of settlers - a bit like the plantations really and she's written the piece from the perspective of a Native American who is about to attack the settlers. I think it's really good and she kindly agreed to share it.
Finally, for today folks - I just wanted to let you know I'm playing football with a load of Americans tomorrow night - I think they're all Arsenal fans - poor souls and then on Wednesday night Mr R. and myself are off to a martial arts training session to learn how to disarm an armed attacker! Both these events have been organised by the rather cool Mr. V - a martial arts, football playing History teacher.
Until the next update - master the skill, think critically, be an up stander.   

And here's Hanaisha's essay - enjoy.
This is it… There’s no turning back now. I am fed up with these intruders. Who do they think they are taking our land, calling us savages, and telling us how to live life?
        It’s time for breakfast now… the scent of bacon, eggs, potatoes, and vegetables fill the air. The aroma of freshly cooked foods is enticing, but little do those Englishmen know that this is just the calm before the storm!
        “Mighty fine mornin’ it is, my good friend,” the enemy said to me as we passed each other. His phoney, warm eyes could not break the ice behind my glare. When I finally managed to smile I nodded and kept walking in the opposite direction. Little did he know what was waiting for him. As I walked along, my gaze met my fellow Powhatan friend; we both had the same deadly stare in our eyes, which was followed by a maniacal laugh.
        Everyone sat at long tables. Each table was a diverse mixture of us and the enemy. The taste of steaming, hot potatoes melted in my mouth, and was followed by cold, soothing ice water that trickled down my throat. I enjoyed the breakfast, but the thought of Chief Opechancanough’s plan never slipped my mind. As I look around the table at the men that are soon to be slayed, they are full of smiles and having a “jolly ole time,” as they would say. I picked up a rough piece of bacon and I broke through its toughness on impact with my teeth, as I sat, thinking about how we aren’t even halfway through. I want to get this done and over with because I am tired of this “cultural suicide.”
        My tribe members and I weren’t eating as much as we were observing… As eating came to a halt, my palms became sweaty… It’s time!  We, Powhatans, grabbed our weapons from hidden places and seized the enemy. I immediately jumped up and continuously stabbed  the white man that sat next to me. He had no hope in survival; he was simply unprepared.  The large knife that was given to me as a gift was now stained with the blood of its donor. Everything was happening so fast. They didn’t want to accept defeat so they tried to fight back. As I moved swiftly to my next victim, I raised my hand with the knife in hand; as my hand plummeted down towards the chest of the enemy, he wrapped his greasy hands around both of my wrists and tried to force me to the ground. He was almost successful at this task until a sudden arrow was released from it’s bow, piercing his heart. He immediately hit the ground; as I look up in disbelief, it was my fellow Powhatan friend, the one that I had previously exchanged glances with prior to the breakfast.
        As I continue to carry on with the mission, I notice all of the deceased men, women, and even children. I walked through the dead bodies thinking, it’s too late to turn back now. We choose our destiny, not them.
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