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End of Term Achievements Assembly

This morning we congratulated many of our pupils of their hard work, achievements and attainments over the first term of this academic year.  We said very well done to...

Top Merit Winners
8B Amber Barrett
8C Leah Bettes
8D Lachlan Henry
Dom Wylie
9F Lauren Baxter
9C Kelsie Burrows/Nathan McBride
9D Matthew Hamilton
Nicole Neill
10M Lauren Robson
10H Chloe Simpson
10Y Rebecca Morrison
10J Jonathan Carroll


Junior Pupil of the Month for November/December

Mathematics Kieran McMullan (8W)
Science Kieran McMullan (8W)
Technology Leah McSeveney (10M)
Home Economics Kieran McMullan (8W)
Geography Tom Simpson (10M)
Learning for Life and Work Matthew Dines (9D)
Religious Education Nicole Neill (9M)
Physical Education Abbie Magee (9D)
Art & Design Abi Green (10H)
English Paige Morrow (10M)
French Katie Graden (9F)
ICT Chloe Sneddon (9F)

Senior Pupil of The Month

Year 11: Kirstie McBride
Year 12: Katie Blythe

Full Attendance Awards

Year 8: Zara-Louise Birch, Adam Bruce, Jamie Caughey, Ben Cooke, Alex Dickson, Sam Feeley, Curtis Hunter, Anjanette Irwin, Daniel Jackson, Nathan Jackson, Megan Knox, Nathan Loughlin, Karl Mason, Georgia Neill, Holly Reid, Curtis Thompson, Glen Warwick, Dom Wylie

Year 9: Lisa Barron, Rebecca Fitzgerald, Karl Irwin, Pop Lueanrit, Nathan McBride, Naomi McCartney, Shannon McCullough, Nicole Neill, Jordan Mahood, James Ritchie, Rory Smyth

Year 10: Ben Irwin, Oliver Webber

Year 11: Chloe Cooper, Jessica Dines, Aaron Hunter, Callum Jordan

Year 12: Emma Brown, Chloe Davies, Alanna Dickson, Matthew Floyd, Tyler Foster, Jamie Harvey, Ashleigh Hawthorne, Jonathan Hayes, Daryl Hodson, Joe Ireland, Ryan McAslan, Kirsty Moore, William Rutherford, Elliot Wilson

Very well done to all those who received awards!

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