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Easter History Challenge

This Easter, Mr Scott from the History Department set pupils a challenge- to visit as many historical sites as possible during the break. Prizes were offered to those visiting the most sites and to the person visiting the most interesting (in Mr Scott’s opinion) site. The aim was to build an awareness and appreciation of the built heritage in the local area; with the hope that it would make their history classes more relatable and relevant. 

The response was impressive with over 30 different sites visited, ranging from Scrabo Tower, Newtownards Priory and Mount Stewart; to Anfield and Edinburgh Castle; south to the GPO in Dublin, and all the way to Trakai Castle in Lithuania! 

This overall winner, with 9 sites visited, was Leah Griffin 9D. 

The joint winners of the “Most Interesting” site were Deimante and Domante Kaluinaite 8J, for their visit to AJ Chocolate Museum in Lithuania. 

Well done to all students who participated in the challenge. 

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