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Christmas Holiday Support

FamilyworksNI, who provide our school counselling service, want to wish all of our families a very happy Christmas.


Christmas can be a difficult time for families even in a normal year, but Covid has added many additional pressures. With this in mind, FamilyworksNI want to make families aware of support services that are available over the Christmas period to help parents, carers and children. Please see below for information.



FamilyworksNI encourage young people and their families to remember 5 simple things to do to alleviate stress and low mood: 

1 - keep connected with friends and loved ones 

2 - keep physically active

3 - try and learn, or master a new skill

4 - give to others

5 - stay mindfully in the present.


These things will assist in lifting mood and keeping us all healthy and well.  This link has further information. Lifeline is available to anyone, including young people 24 hours per day, every day of the year. 


If parents are concerned about a crisis mental health situation, they can take their child to A & E, or can speak to their local GP for advice in the first instance.


Some young people who are distressed are awaiting an appointment from CAMHS. If a young person's mental health worsens whilst on the CAMHS waiting list parents should telephone their local CAMHS and speak to them about this.


Additional mental health information, advice and support will be posted on the Familyworks website , on Facebook and Instagram on the 23rd of December and before the New Year as well.


We wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Christmas.



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