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Christmas Advice from Familyworks

Christmas is a difficult time for many and we are aware that this year is no exception and that many young people are anxious about exams and the future. Safeguarding continues to concern us all and this has been added to as young people readjust to the effects of the pandemic .


Young people and adults can access support when the school counselling service is shut over the Christmas holidays. This Lifeline service is available to anyone, including young people, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. 


If parents are concerned about a crisis mental health situation, they can take their child to A & E, or can speak to their local GP for advice in the first instance.


We are aware that some young people who are distressed are awaiting an appointment from CAMHS. If a young person's mental health worsens whilst on the CAMHS waiting list parents should telephone their local CAMHS and speak to them about this.

Familyworks will also post additional mental health information, advice and support on their website, on Facebook and Instagram on the 23rd of December and before the New Year as well.

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