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April Events

The final full week of Term 2 brought with it a number of activities and events that were enjoyed by the school community. 


As part of our pastoral programme, on Monday 4 & Tuesday 5 April, classes in Years 9, 10, 11 & 12 were able to attend workshops delivered by the Youth Justice Agency in conjunction with the PSNI on topical issues such as Online Safety and Vaping.


Not only were these workshops highly informative for our pupils, they provided a safe space to discuss opinions and concerns relating to these topics. In addition, it was lovely to once again welcome visitors to the College to run such essential, enjoyable workshops. 


Youth Justice are hoping to join us again in Term 3 to run another series of workshops.


Our enjoyable Easter Event was broadcast to form classes on Wednesday morning, following many rehearsals and filming the week before. Huge thanks to Mrs Derby, Miss Bicker, Mr McKeag and Mr McKee for their planning and expertise, and of course a massive congratulations to the pupils who took part in the different elements!   


We are hoping Mr McKee will let us see the bloopers! 


Our Merit and Pupil of the Month assesmblies also took place this week, with many certificates being awarded for excellent effort, great participation in extra-curricular activities and being an upstanding member of the Nendrum community. Mr Bowman's Year 9s also managed to snag some chocolate bunnies following his raucously competitive Easter-themed assembly.


Alongside these additional events and activities, pupils were also continuing with the serious business of preparing for their GCSE exams, with our Business and Art groups completing formal assessments. 


Easter School continues for Years 11 &12 on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 April. Please remind pupils to check their timetables and ensure they attend their sessions.



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