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An historic moment by Barry McClements in the Commonwealth Games

Former pupil Barry McClements made history yesterday by becoming the first Northern Ireland swimmer ever to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games. In the men's 100m backstroke S9 event Barry started the race with real intent and at the turn was in third position. Despite pressure from Harrison Vig of Australia, Barry managed to hold form to the finish for a wonderful third place.


It is great to witness that the years of discipline and dedication from early morning swims to early bed times while at the same time striving to meet the demands of his education have paid dividends. Barry has had the talent to perform but he has also lived with a single minded determination, focus and resilience to achieve.


Always positive in his outlook and unassuming Barry is a wonderful role model who has demonstrated what can be achieved if you want it enough.


Congratulations from all your supporters at Nendrum. 


Mr. McClure

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