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A successful day at the North Down Schools' athletics.

When you attend a sporting event and 88% of your pupils win a medal it's quite simply an outstanding day! At the recent North Down Schools' athletics event Nendrum pupils excelled in the various disciplines.


Year 8 -

800m Joel Chambers- 1st

100m Jordan Foster- 3rd

Shot Put- Scott Irwin -3rd

4x100m relay 1st


Years 8/10


100m Jack Trotter-3rd

200m Ethan Scott-3rd

Shot put-Matthews McCloskey-3rd

4x100m relay 2nd


Year 11


200m Curtis Hunter 2nd

800m Curtis Hunter 3rd

Shot Put-Jordan Steele

4x100m relay 1st


Congratulations to the entire squad for their efforts and to the support that they showed to each other.


Mr McClure



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