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A bonanza of competition and fun at the annual Sports Day

On Thursday 18th June the eagerly awaited event the annual Sports Day had arrived again. Fresh and old rivalries were to be ignited and rekindled with consequential reputations put to the test. After thorough preparation including the task of booking the weather the stage was set- enter the gladiators.

At the close of the day with limbs aching and lungs pounding it was very clear that the pupils had enjoyed the occasion. 

Across all activities there were many celebrated results but those very worthy of a mention include- Abbie Magee, Jack Trotter, Nathan McBride and Connor McDade for their exhibition of speed. For their jumping prowess Chris Moore, MacKenzie Mooreland, Sam Lort, Martyn Quinn and Brandon Nelson caught the eye. For their endurance abilities Laura Sheffield and Nathan McBride led the way. In the throwing activities Ben Thorne and Lachlan Henry excelled.

Many thanks to all the pupils for their participation and fulsome efforts and also to the staff for their collegiate effort in making the event another memorable occasion.

Giving your best and pushing yourself makes you a winner not only in sport but in all aspects of life.


Mr. McClure

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