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 Music at Nendrum College

Time allocation per week at KS3: 1hour 10mins

Key stage 3

All students study music at Key Stage 3 as follows:


Performing singing, keyboard, tuned and untuned percussion.
Composing in a variety of musical styles using resources such as acoustic and percussion instruments, and the iMac computer/keyboard lab.
Listening and Understanding to a wide range of music.  Styles include Blues, Gamelan, Dance, Film and Folk.
Pupils are assessed during and at the end of each unit of work, using different methods.
Key Stage 4
We follow the CCEA specification.
The music GCSE course is 65% coursework and 35% listening exam.


The specification has three components:


  • Component 1: Performing and Appraising
  • Component 2: Composing
  • Component 3: Listening and Appraising.

Component 1 involves students performing solo and ensemble pieces for an external examiner at the end of Y12. For Component 2, students create two compositions - one is a free composition while the other is set to a brief provided at the beginning of Y12. Both compositions are internally marked. Component 3 is an external listening exam lasting 1h30 based on the Areas of Study.  


Extra Curricular 
The college has successful Studio Orchestra that performs at various occasions in and out of school.  We perform pop standards from the 1950's onwards, including Motown and Soul.

There are also various singing groups that meet regularly and take part in concerts and assemblies.

Free instrumental lessons are given to pupils wishing to start an instrument at the beginning of year 8 and many continue lessons throughout their school career.
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