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Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies

CCEA GCSE Motor Vehicle And Road User Studies (MVRUS) at Nendrum College



MVRUS focuses specifically on helping you to develop a positive and responsible attitude to road safety and other road users.





Unit 1: Motor Vehicle and Road User Theory

External written examination 1 hour 45 mins in May of Year 12.

Students answer questions on the following areas:

  • Vehicle Control and Road User Behaviour;
  • Legal Requirements;
  • Road Transport and Its Effects on Society;
  • Motoring Mathematics;
  • Collision Procedures;
  • Motor Vehicle Technology.



Unit 2: Investigative Study


  • Controlled assessment Students collect data on a moving traffic situation. They do this in groups, generally at the end of year 11. 
  • Students write the investigative study. They must do this individually, at the end of year 11 and into year 12.



Unit 3: Practical Riding Activity


Controlled assessment

Students carry out a moped riding activity to demonstrate skills of vehicle control and roadcraft. They carry this out throughout years 11 and 12.




Further information is available from Mr Jones.


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