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Megan Stratton

Student Councillor

I wanted to be part of the Student Council because I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for me to improve the school experience for everyone. I am always very eager to help people so this attracted me to the role.


The election process went very well. It was very organised and greatly prepared for. I feel like a lot of work went into this from Miss Keays and the pupils who ran for it.


To be a member of the Student Council is a very good position to be in and demonstrates my skills and qualities that I feel are important for this role. I am the voice of the Year 11 pupils and I listen to all their wonderful thoughts, ideas and aspirations they have for Nendrum College.


I aim to achieve my goals but most importantly make a difference. I aim to improve the canteen standards and introduce fun events to Nendrum College and make this school a wonderful place for all pupils and members of staff.

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