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Learning for Life and Work at Nendrum College
Key Stage 3

Time allocation per week at KS3: 1 period 

Topics include -

Personal Development:
Relationships, Health Education, Decision Making, Morals, Values and Beliefs, Learning about Learning, Self Concept, Drugs Awareness.
Local and Global Citizenship:
Diversity in the Classroom, Community and in the Wider World, Expressing Identity, Ethnic Minorities, Discrimination.
Education for Employability:
Assessing Personal and Presentational Skills, Making Choices, Decision Making, Types of Qualification and where they lead, Personal Career Planning, Local/Global Economy and Enterprise.
Peer/Self Assessment, Structured Debate, Effective questioning, Role Play
Key Stage 4

Time allocation per week at KS4: 5 periods
GCSE examining board: CCEA

Curricular offers:



Personal Success and Well Being




Skills for Employment


100% Portfolio assessed




Learning for Life Work


60% Examination and 40% Controlled Assessment
Areas covered at KS4:

Personal Development: -
Health Education, Concept of self, Relationships, Parenting, Risk, Economic Awareness, Power and Influence of the Media.

Local and Global Citizenship –
Diversity and inclusion, Rights and responsibilities, human Rights, NGOs and Democratic Institutions.

Education for Employability - 
Career Planning, Job Profiling, Entrepreneurship, Work Experience, Mock Interviews, Impact of Globalisation on Employment, Recruitment and selection, Self employment.

Career Links:

In the Employability strand of Learning for Life and Work - students are given the opportunity to explore many different career paths.  The students will also study current employment trends create a personal career plan in conjunction with their Careers education.  
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