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Kurtis Strong

Student Council Vice President

I wanted to be part of the Student Council because I knew there would things that could improve in Nendrum College and if I got into the Student Council I would be one step closer to making those things a reality.


I thought the election process was an excellent experience. The way it was planned out with only two members from each class being nominated to go forward. It was smart because it sorted out the real contenders that really wanted to be part of the Student Council. The election campaign was great as you could spread the word and put up posters around the school to say you were running. I think the strongest part of the election process was the speech. It let me personally get my point across and say what I hope to do for the future of Nendrum College. The voting situation was excellent as well!


It’s a great feeling to be Vice President of the Student Council as it means I am one step closer to making my dreams a reality. I believe in the Student Council and that it can make a difference. It was an honour to be elected and an even bigger honour to be elected to Vice President.


There are a number of things I would like to change as the Vice President of the Student Council. To support our Rights Respecting School and their recent litter campaign, I would like to get more bins located around the school. I aim to promote a healthier food options in the school canteen, construct a new menu and have picnic benches near the football pitch.


We have recently attended a meeting with our Principal to discuss our ideas, issues and concerns. We have now got the wheels in motion for more bins for our college and we are currently organising fundraising events to raise money for picnic benches.

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