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Nendrum College, has served the educational needs of the town of Comber and its surrounding area for over 50 years.  The college constantly keeps abreast of educational developments and with its well-qualified and highly motivated staff, the college continues to build a reputation of having high standards in all areas of the curriculum.

The aim of the school is to provide a disciplined yet caring and supportive environment in which each pupil is encouraged to attain his/her true potential both academically and personally.

To achieve our prime aim we seek:

  • To ensure that each pupil has access to a broad and balanced range of learning experiences throughout their post-primary education;
  • To provide a coherent and relevant programme for each pupil to gain knowledge, skills and understanding, and a sense of personal achievement;
  • To regard each pupil as an individual with different needs and expectations who develop a sense of personal worth and respect for others;
  • To encourage each pupil to accept and appreciate the need for rules and moral standards of behaviour, in order to develop a personal code of self-discipline; and
  • To develop an on-going educational partnership between the College, parents, local employers and the local, national and global community.
We firmly believe that our pupils have a much better opportunity of reaching their true potential and developing their many talents in a caring and supportive environment, where they are able to look forward to coming in to school and where expectations are not only high but achievable for each individual.
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