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Home Economics

Home Economics at Nendrum College


Time allocation per week at KS3: 1hour 45mins

Theory and practical cookery lessons on alternative weeks.


Key Stage 3


Topics include:

Year 8: 
                   First aid
                   Food storage

Year 9:
                   Weighing and measuring
                   Dietary goals
                   Importance of breakfast
                   Healthy lunch boxes

                   Traditional foods

Year 10:
                   The eatwell guide and 8 Tips for eating well


                   Diet related disorders

                   Connected learning with Maths, French and P.E
                   Roles and responsibilities in the family including RRSA Article 5



Continuious assessment through common assessment tasks, self/peer assessment, winter and summer examinations.

GCSE Home Economics

This subject is practical preparation for living in a contemporary, changing and multi-cultural society.

Further study of this subject is designed to give you the opportunity to extend and apply your skills, knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition within a variety of contexts, building on your work undertaken during Key Stage 3 Home Economics.

This GCSE will provide opportunities for you to develop your practical skills and to manage a range of resources in order to develop food items which are suited to the needs of individuals or families, and to recognise the influence of current trends, the market economy and technological change.
What will I study and how will I be assessed
Unit 1

“Diet and Health and Consumer Awareness”
Theory Work
towards GCSE
1 hour 30 minute written exam paper
Short answer, structured and extended writing questions.

Unit 2
“Diet and Health”
Practical Task
towards GCSE
Controlled Assessment Task

Unit 3
“Consumer Awareness”
Research Task
towards GCSE
Controlled Assessment Task


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