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English Literature

English Literature GCSE

English Literature GCSE is an optional subject offered to pupils who are moving into Year 11.


It is an excellent subject to choose for pupils who are confident in English and who would like to move on to do A-Levels in subjects such as English Literature, History or Government and Politics. Working towards a GCSE in English Literature will also support attainment in GCSE English Language (compulsory).



Course Outline

Unit 1 Exam – 30%

The Study of  Prose
1 hour 45 minutes

Section A: Novel - one question

Section B: Unseen prose - one question


Unit 2 Exam - 50%

The Study of Drama and Poetry

2 hours

Section A: Drama - one question

Section B: Poetry - one question


Unit 3 Controlled Assessment - 20%

The Study of Shakespeare

2 hours

One task

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