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Drama Club

Drama Club

Drama Club is on every Wednesday from 3.15 - 4.oo pm.  All pupils are welcome.

In the drama club pupils are given the opportunity to work with others, to develop their confidence and to learn various dramatic techniques as well as taking part in drama games.
They are given the opportunity to take part in our school plays as well as the opportunity to work on performances throughout the school.

For further information please speak to Mrs Blake.

Christmas Production - The Carol Service 'The Miracle of Christmas and The 3 Wisemen

Murder Mystery Halloween

Charlie's grandparents
'A Night of Music and Drama'
The Mice
Cinderella and The Fairy Godmother
'Cinderella' 2012
The Ugly Sisters
London Trip: Drama/History
Performing as the shipbuilders from the Titanic
'Tears for Titanic' memorial play
Having fun in Drama Club
New Stars
Some of our fantastic team
The Wizard of Oz
Aunty Em. Scarecrow,Dorothy, Tin Man and the Lion
Dancers from the Emerald City
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