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Santa Paws Appeal 

November - December 


Pupils and staff of Nendrum College, as well as Comber Pet Stores and  members of our local community have overwhelmingly donated to our Santa Paws Appeal, including, blankets, food, toys and treats for dogs and cats to enjoy on Christmas Day.


These homeless and abandoned pets have had a tough time; they have been forced to cope with the upheaval in their lives through no fault of their own. Our mission is to give each and every dog and cat a happy Christmas Day, full of as much celebration, happiness and love as those pets who have already found their forever family.


Unfortunately, some animals are abandoned because they simply are not wanted anymore. Animals are unwanted for so many reasons including, unwanted Christmas gifts, people cannot commit the time to house train them, some dogs are too big, too small or there may be a new baby coming into the family.  

Especially at Christmas time, there is the new arrival of unwanted puppies and kittens and this is forcing older dogs and cats out because people don’t want to adopt them. This is a pattern that is repeated annually.


Our Santa Paws appeal has helped rescue centres in our local community including, The Barn Rescue, Assisi Animal Sanctuary and Almost Home. Their mission is to promote the wellbeing of all animals and prevent and nurture the cruelties imposed on them. All dogs and cats are unique, with their own individual personalities who are desperate to love and to be loved.


We hope our Santa Paws appeal raises awareness so that homeless animals can find their forever home and spend next Christmas day with their forever families.


The greatest gift under the Christmas tree is a rescue animal who just wanted a second chance. It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.



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