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We aim to ensure that each pupil, irrespective of their ability or gender, has access to a broad and balanced range of learning experiences.  We provide a coherent and relevant programme of study which allows pupils to gain knowledge, understanding and skills coupled with a sense of personal achievement and enhanced self-esteem.

At KS3, pupils are organised into four classes and all follow the same programme of study.  This programme of study at KS3 reflects the requirements of the NI Curriculum, falling into nine areas of learning:
  • English and Literacy
  • Mathematics and Financial Capabilities
  • The Arts (Art and Design, Music and Drama)
  • Environment and Society (History and Geography)
  • Learning for Life and Work (Personal Development, Local & Global Citizenship, Employability and Home Economics)
  • Modern Languages (French)
  • Physical Education
  • Science and Technology
  • Religious Education
This KS3 curriculum is delivered through the use of a wide range of teaching and learning strategies which employ independent, paired and group work.  Across all learning areas, pupils are encouraged to develop their skills in problem solving, self-management, managing information and working with others.

The KS4 curriculum exceeds current statutory requirements and has been developed within the College to ensure it best meets the individual needs, abilities and interests of all pupils.  This affords pupils the opportunity to study subjects relevant to their individual career pathways whether through traditional academic subjects or vocational qualifications.  The College offers an excellent range of vocational options, including Occupational Studies (delivered both within the College and at SERC), Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies, and Child Development and Essential Skills in Application of Number and Communication.

At all levels and through all areas of study, pupils are encouraged to develop their skills in Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT.
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