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Amber Barrett

Student Council President


Personally I was eager to participate in the Student Council as I am extremely opinionated and know not just when change is needed but also how to create and encourage it throughout the school environment, including staff, students and equipment.


Although the election process was daunting, I swallowed my nerves and presented myself in a kind, confident and considerate manner, conveying why I would be the ideal representative. Furthermore, the process taught me how to best represent myself confidently and positively, which will be an extremely important quality when it comes to job interviews and other opportunities. Also, the experience of voting and thinking through my choice will aid me further, within the next few years when I am of the legal age to have a say in the running of our country and who I vote for power.


I was insanely proud that I had not only been voted into the Student Council but I was also voted to be President too. I can be quite bossy but also very empathetic. The Presidency allows me to have authority to fight for what this school wants and needs whilst being considerate to everyone. In addition, the role will prepare me for Year 12 when hopefully I will be running for Head Girl of Nendrum College.


My aspirations are to resurrect the eatable canteen food back from many years ago when you could eat a baguette instead of using it as a weapon, and also encourage anti bullying and the use of the school councillor. Besides the big topic I want to create a more enjoyable, interesting school experience such as inter house games at the end of June instead of sitting in a classroom in the beautiful weather. This would encourage physical activity competitiveness and social life.

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