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Alexander Strange

Student Councillor

There were a couple of reasons why I wanted to become a member of the Student Council. Firstly, I wanted to help make the school a better place, and also be able to be the student's voice and put forward their valuable ideas. Another reason why I wanted to be in the Student Council was because it seemed like it would be fun and an excellent opportunity.


I feel the election process was a very good process. It was all very organised and very official.


It means a lot to me to be a member of the Student Council. I am a role model to other pupils and I have a lot of responsibility. It is important that I listen to my peers and let them voice their opinions on how we can improve our school experience.


I want to achieve a number of different things during my time as Student Councillor. It would be an excellent idea to introduce vending machines containing water, breakfast bars and some treats on a Friday. I would like to introduce a new canteen menu, improve bathroom facilities and allocate one football per year group.


I am very excited about this and I aim to achieve all this and more.

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