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Aimee Blair

Student Council Secretary

Hi, I’m Aimee Blair and I am the Secretary of the Student Council. I love being involved and being the voice for other pupils in the school and this is one of the main reasons why I wanted to join. In addition, I enjoyed the experience so much in Year 8 and 9 that I just had to take a chance and do it all over again for Year 10 and 11. Furthermore, I felt that it would be another chance to make friends with people in other year groups, just like I have in the Drama Club. Finally, the most importantly reason was to make a positive change to Nendrum College.


The election process this year was fun. In the run up to Election Day, I campaigned, put posters up around the school and presented my speech in a year group assembly. I have to admit it was quite daunting but from previous experiences I knew it would be ok. On Election Day, Miss Keays had put up banners and bunting throughout the school and turned our drama theatre into a polling station. This made things a bit more exciting along with individual ID cards we had to hand in to enable us to vote.


In regards to the results, each candidate running for Student Council got their photograph taken by Miss Keays so that she could use the image in a PowerPoint to showcase the winning representative. This PowerPoint was shown in a whole school assembly where Miss Keays announced our names and awarded us with certificates and badges. I couldn’t help but feel delighted once my name was called out but I also felt sorry for the candidates who didn’t get elected.


As the secretary, my job is to complete and make sure that all the necessary paperwork is complete and up to date. Alongside that I write up the minutes in each monthly meeting that we have. It means a lot to me to have this role within the Student Council and that other members and Miss Keays trust that I fulfil it.


I have many ideas and suggestions that I feel could positively make a difference and be a benefit to the pupils. Some of these include monthly bun sales, picnic benches outside and healthier canteen food. I also hope to get more of a variety in the afterschool clubs like a new photography cub and lots more. With the help of the Student Council, staff and pupils, I hope that we can make Nendrum College an even better school……. TOGETHER!

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