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Year 11

Welcome to Year 11!

Year 11 Parents' Afternoon - Wednesday 21 March 2018 

Year 11 is the first step into senior school and the crucial start of the GCSE studies.  The pupils are able to choose from an expansive list of subjects that are offered both at Nendrum College and at SERC.


Head of Year 11: Mr R Williams
Head of Senior School: Miss S Walsh
Form Teacher: 11B: Mrs D Black
  11C: Mr S Cowden
  11M: Mr M McKee
  11P: Mrs H Parks

If you have a concern, the first person to contact should your child's Form Teacher.

As well as the academic development of the pupils, Nendrum College seeks to enhance the progression into adult life, further studies and the world of work by offering a broad range of experiences.  This year this includes the opportunity to take part in a week placement in the Fire Service, The Eye for Education Enterprise project, organising various charity events and a host of assemblies being taken by men and woman from various back grounds in industry and professional sport.

Year 11 Mock Timetable

Easter School Timetable 2018

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