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Technology & Design

Technology an Design at Nendrum College

Time allocation per week at KS3: 1hour 45mins

Key Stage 3

Topics include:

Year 8:           Health and Safety (Rules)
                      Communication (Basic Skills)
                      Key Fob
                      Communication (Front Views)
                      Fuse Tester

Year 9:           Health and Safety (Safety Signs)
Communication (3 D Sketches)
Communication (Orthographic)
Year 10:         Health and Safety
Communication (3D Sketches)
Nesting Box
                           Communication (Computer Aided Drawing)
                           Mobile Phone Holder
Assessment at KS 3: 
Performance during Key Stage 3 is based on continuous assessment of classwork a  

Key Stage 4

GCSE examining board:  CCEA
Time allocation per week at KS 4:   2.5 hours.
Areas covered at KS4:                     
Unit 1 (20%)
(Externally Assessed Written Paper)
Mechanical Control Systems
Computer Control Systems
Unit 4 (20%)
(Controlled Assessment 1)
Design Assignment 
Unit 2 (20%)
(Externally Assessed Written Paper)
(Systems and Control Element 2)
Mechanical and Pneumatic Control Systems
Unit 5 (40%)
(Controlled Assessment 2)
Design Project
2 9 4 2 9 VISITORS